Bojo do Laur 'Deu Bode' 2019, Vinho Verde, Portugal


Vinho Verde, Minho, Portugal

Vinhāo, Bastardo (Trousseau!), Espadeiro, Borraçal, Arinto & Loureiro

This is a field blend of 70% reds and 30% whites much like Renegado (for those who know that), but from Vinho Verde. The reds are very high in acid and was very short maceration, 5 days. Very simple, no intervention. Primarily Vinhao, Bastardo (trousseau!), Espadeiro, Borraçal, Arinto and Loureiro.  This to me is a new category, class of wine, that is not red nor rosé, maybe it’s the old English “clairette” making a renaissance.. -Importer's Notes