Chartogne-Taillet 'Cuvée Sainte Anne,' Champagne, France


Merfy, Champagne, France

60% Chardonnay & 40% Pinot Noir

Champagne is an enigmatic wine and county, but do you ever wonder who among the many unsung champagne growers is actually making your wine? Merfy, a village that only produces "grower champagne" is home to the Taillet family. The Taillets have been making terroir driven champagne since day one. Preserving their old vines as long as possible and keeping yields low. Their 'Cuvee Sainte Anne' will transport you to a French kitchen with smells of rich sourdough and white flour. The mouthfeel is lively but retains a creamy mousse with a refreshing palate of juicy yellow apples, homemade cream, raw dough, and a finish of quince. Pop this cork for chicken liver and onions, fried tempura asparagus, or sea urchin sushi!