Aaron Burr 'Appinette' Cider 2016, New York

Orange County & Finger Lakes, New York

Apples & Traminette

The husband and wife team of Andy and Polly Brennan are not only trying to make a difference in the world of cider but the world in general. With their farm in Upstate New York, Andy uses either locally grown or wild apples he forages himself. Andy's motto is simple, grind the apples and then squeeze out the juice. The Brennans truly want to showcase the beauty and natural flavor of cider apples and do not filter, fine or add sulfur to any of their ciders. This dry cider possesses a bright aroma of croissant, lychee and gala apple with flavors of pineapple, Asian pear and eucalyptus lingering on the palate.   

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