Caffo Anisette di Calabria

The history of the Caffo family business dates back to the end of the 19th century, when Giuseppe Caffo, the Master Distiller, class of 1865, began distilling pomace on the side of volcanic Mt. Etna. After years of experience trading and managing distilleries, his dream became reality when in 1915 he bought and old distillery in Santa Venerina, Sicily. He fully dedicated himself to his passion and passed his knowledge along to his children. Giuseppe’s son, Sebastiano Caffo, soon became a Master Distiller himself, and together they founded the company ‘Fratelli Caffo’ with Sebastiano’s brother, Santo Caffo. Initially, Caffo produced a small range of spirits distilled from wine, however the Caffo distillery gradually began producing and earning recognition for their fruit and herbal liqueurs and classic Italian spirits such as Amaro, Limoncino, Amaretto, Sambuca, and aged Grappa.

The Anisette Calabria is a fine sweet liqueur that was produced already in the 50's by Gruner Brothers in their Distillery. Today, Caffo’s Anisette is obtained by distilling anise seed in an old copper pot still, giving this classic Italian liqueur its unique and easily identifiable flavor. Produced from the finest Calabrian black anise, flavors of star anise, menthol, and black pepper linger on the palate. Enjoy neat, on the rocks or in your coffee.


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