Herradura Silver Tequila

America's fascination with tequilas can be traced back to the early '50s when Hollywood icons Bing Crosby and Phil Harris imported Herradura into the States making it the first tequila puro available in the U.S. To this day the distinguished brand remains one of the category's preeminent brands. Founded in 1870, Tequila Herradura is among only a handful of distillers that produce nothing but 100% agave tequila. Every stage of its production takes place on the Herradura Estate—Hacienda San José del Refugio—in the lowlands of Amatitán. Herradura crafts its tequila using many of the same techniques perfected more than a century ago. Mature, estate-grown blue agaves are baked in clay ovens and then slowly fermented with wild airborne yeasts. Herradura tequilas are double-distilled in large, stainless steel alembic stills and aged in both American and French oak barrels. Herradura Blanco is an excellent example of what great distillers are capable of achieving with a few alembic stills and an estate full of mature blue agaves. It has a straw-colored hue, which is the result of it being aged in oak for 45 days. The tequila has a velvety medium-weight body and a cinnamon, dried herbs and orange peel nose and quickly bathes the palate with spicy, peppery flavors before tapering to an herbal, medium length finish. It makes a marvelous introduction to the joys of sipping silver tequila.


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