High West 7000' Vodka

7000' is the exact elevation of High West Distillery's bar. High West 7000' pays tribute to our high-altitude locale and its unique attributes, which lead to a great tasting vodka. Here in our mountains, pure snowmelt is naturally filtered in deep rock aquifers to produce great-tasting water with a well-balanced mineral content. We combine this superb water with carefully distilled oats to give High West 7000' its silky-smooth taste and rich mouthfeel. Best enjoyed where vodka is the primary ingredient, like neat, or on the rocks, or in a dry martini. That way you'll actually be able to taste the richness we distilled into High West 7000'.

Nose: Soft with subtle vanilla, sweet grain and faint lemon rind

Taste: Lightly sweet with viscous qualities and a subtle vanilla finish

Finish: Very subtle lemon oils and soft grain

-Distiller's Notes


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