Quebrada del Chucao Sidra Espumante Brut

Cousins Diego Rivera and Matias Nahrwold started Quebra del Chucao around 2010. Diego is a practicing winemaker who wrote his thesis in cider fermentation. They work with multiple small heirloom apple orchards in a small town called Huiscapi, just east of Villarica, in Chile’s Lake Region. The orchards are approximately sixty years old, and the apples are harvested and pressed by hand before fermenting via Methode Traditional. The Sidras are dry, micro-production, and often compared to Farmhouse English or traditional Basque Ciders.

This all natural cider is made without any chemicals and minimal intervention with only hand pruning once in the winter. Hand harvested, this cider is completely dry, fresh, funky, earthy, austere, and perfect to pair with dry roasted nuts, cheese, and earth savory driven dishes.  Only 200 cases produced.