Kirinzan Brewery Classic Sake

Founded in 1843, Kirinzan Shuzo lies beneath the majestic Mt. Kirin in the northern prefecture of Niigata. According to ancient Chinese legends, the kirin is a mythical animal like a flying unicorn that appears as a sign of the birth of a saint and brings happiness and luck. Locals thought the outline of the mountain resembled the legendary creature and the name stuck.

While breweries love to showcase their premium ginjo styles, Kirinzan takes immense pride in their entry level ‘futsu-shu’ meant for everyday drinking. They use Gohyaku Mangoku and Koshi Ibuki sake rice polished to 65%, beyond requirements for even the premium honjozo grade. Made in the house style, it is dry, clean, light bodied and well balanced. Notes of hazelnut and toasted rice make it excellent both chilled or gently warmed. -Importer Notes


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