Lagavulin 16yr Single Malt Scotch

Founded in 1816, the Islay distillery Lagavulin, which means “Mill in the Valley,” is one of the older boys on the block. It may in fact be that the distillery has been around for longer yet, as records are said to show that illicit distilling took place as early as 1742. Either way, their experiences shines through clearly in their 16 year old expression.

COLOUR: Yellowish brown.

NOSE: Strong, Peat, smoke, seaweed, salt, nutty, hint of vanilla and light fruitiness.

TASTE: Potent hit of peaty smoke, charcoal, dry woodiness, iodine and seaweed; followed by chilli chocolate, light fruitiness and hint of toffee and a spicy finish. Full-bodied yet smooth.


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