Don Julio Blanco Tequila

Don Julio González died in 2012 and with his passing the industry lost one of its revered innovators and most respected tequileros. Few men have contributed more to the tradecraft of making tequila than Don Julio. 

Don Julio tequila is grown in the Los Altos region which has an ideal microclimate and soil composition for cultivating blue agaves. After harvesting, the mature plants are taken to the distillery where they are steam baked in brick ovens for three days. Once cooled, the agaves are shredded and the extracted juice is transferred to fermentation tanks. Don Julio González's own proprietary, all-natural strain of yeast is used to precipitate fermentation. The fermented wash—called mosto—is then double-distilled in La Primavera's pot stills.

Don Julio Blanco is bottled fresh and unadulterated right out the still. The 80-proof tequila has crystalline clarity, a medium-weight body and a lively citrus, spice and black pepper palate.


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