Corazón Blanco Tequila

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Every bottle of Corazón is made from 100% blue Weber agave grown and harvested by hand in the red soil fields of the Highlands of Jalisco which are rich in iron and other minerals. Our agaves are nurtured in ideal conditions so that they reach a superior flavor. We also support small agave farmers in an effort to generate higher revenues for the communities of our region, but always supervise to ensure the agaves are grown in optimal conditions. Patiently, we wait 7 to 10 years for our agave to ripen to perfection. Then the agave farmer, or jimador, harvests the plant from its root, sifting the soil away and pulling the leaves off to reach the piña, or heart, of the agave.

Aroma: Baked pineapple, roasted jalapeño, and tangerine zest explode on the nose of this complex tequila.

Taste: The palate has an iodine mineral tone and a creamy texture that fills the mouth and leads into an invigorating, spicy finish.

Aging: Unaged

-Distiller's Notes