Demoiselles de Castelnau 'L'Etang' Picpoul 2020, Languedoc, France


Picpoul de Pinet, Languedoc, France


Divine would surely love this wine! The pink flamingos on the label represent the natural habitat close to the vineyards near the Mediterranean’s Thau Basin. This natural lagoon is one of the finest sources for shellfish and a desirable habitat for migrating birds including grey herons and pink flamingos. On the nose, green apples, lily of the valley, lemon rind and honey spark the senses. Flavors of beeswax, wet stone, a lick of salt and lemon Verbena unfold on the tongue finishing with a crisp, salty minerality. Deliciously refreshing on its on, but, if you are looking for something to go with fresh seafood - this is the one!