Uivo 'Renegado' Vinho Tinto 2020, Douro Valley, Portugal


Douro, Portugal

Field blend of more than 25 indigenous varietals with the main being Gouveio, Viosinho & Rabigato

Some people say "the more, the merrier" and this could not be more evident with the "Uivo Renegado." A field blend encompassing more than 25 indigenous varietals, this light red is fresh and cheerful. Careful, this bottle will be gone before you know it! Put a slight chill on this wine and a delightful bouquet of sage, raspberry and pomegranate awaits you followed by flavors of dried strawberry, thyme and cranberry that do not lead you astray. Pair this renegade with chicken caesar salad, grilled sausage or tofu stir-fry.