La Gritona Reposada Tequila

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The small Vinos y Licoreras Azteca (NOM 1533) produces this special Reposado Tequila. The distillery is owned and operated by Melly Barajas – one of the only female distillery owners in Jalisco. Barajas employs women to work in every step of production: as jimadoras, technicians and distillers. The distillery is located in the Valle de Guadalupe, a sub-region of Los Altos (aka the “Highlands”). Barajas starts with mature highland agave that are slow roasted in traditional clay and brick ovens. After crushing, the agave is fermented and double distilled in copper pot stills. It's then aged for 8 months in second and third use American whisky barrels before being bottled without any additives whatsoever.

“La Gritona reposado has been gaining notoriety around southern California as a bartender’s secret and their preferred after-shift drink. Some call it a “session tequila”. Very Vegetal, without the sweetness, oakiness, or vanilla that is often associated with a highland reposado. You will not find a rounder finish in the tequila world. A perfect tequila for sipping with a beer on the side, no need for lime or ice.” - Distillery Notes