Asamai Shuzo 'Ama No To Heaven's Door' Tokubetsu Junmai Sake - 300ml

The epitome of the “local” farm-to-table movement, this sake is made only with rice, water, and labor from its own prefecture. Ama No To translates to “Heaven’s Door,” referring to the prefecture which is at the northernmost tip of Japan. The label image is an icon of good fortune from Amaterasu, the Shinto Sun Goddess who is believed to have brought light to the world and cultivated Japan’s first rice fields.

With sweet rice aromas surrounded with floral fresh herb spiciness, this slightly dry, medium-bodied Sake has mouthwatering apple flavors with an agreeable earthiness on the mid-palate. Clean and focused on the finish, this Sake would be delightful with any tempura dish, pork dishes or pickled and fermented foods.



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