Barrell Batch 005 Whiskey

Barrell Whiskey Batch 005 is a spice driven blend of 9 year-old whiskeys finished in Amaro barrels, American Brandy barrels, Bourbon barrels, and Cognac casks. We finished each whiskey separately and assembled a final blend that also includes Straight Bourbon. This finish then blend technique allows us to focus on the key flavors of each component first, and then on harmony and precision while blending. We believe that this batch is far greater than the sum of its parts.

A balance of honey and spice, this whiskey conjures memories of old candy shops and autumn drams. Enjoy a dark, brooding sweetness balanced with wood and a hint of fire. The 118.4 proof unravels into long folds of complexity and contrast. 

Appearance: A reddish amber hue undulates from light to dark when swirled to settle in viscous sheets along the circumference of the glass.

Nose: Sweet and captivating, with inviting aromas of apple pie drizzled with spring blossom honey, caramel corn and honeysuckle. It’s punctuated with robust notes of resinous herbs (rosemary, bay leaf) and enriched by soft, savory tones (velouté, crushed almond).

Palate: It opens sweet and herbaceous, with notes of molasses, maple sugar, Mary Jane candies, and licorice root.

Finish: Mouthwatering, with a spicy signature of clove oil, red chili oil, and Rainier cherries.

Mash bill: corn, rye (high and low), malted barley

-Distiller's Notes