Bichi 'No Sapiens' 2017, Baja California, Mexico

Baja California, Mexico


Mexico has a centuries-long history of wine making that has mostly gone under the radar. Spanish conquistadors planted vines in the early 1500s (earlier than both Chile and Argentina!) and Baja California holds about 90% of the vines in the entire country due to its ideal climate and geography. "No Sapiens" comes from a single, dry-farmed, 69-year-old vineyard comprised of a mysterious grape variety that remains unidentified. This naked beauty is bursting with aromas of cherry, spun sugar, and rose petals, while the taste buds are treated to accents of dried strawberries, violets and cranberries. Pair this mystery with roasted leeks, pumpkin lasagne, or cured meats.

(Organic & Biodynamic)