Black Button 'Bespoke' Bourbon Cream

The full flavor of our flagship spirit, the Four Grain Bourbon, is the perfect base for a rich craft liqueur. Thus, our Bespoke Bourbon Cream was born. Starting with our Four Grain Bourbon, we added local farm fresh New York State cream for a velvety finish. Bourbon Cream is similar in concept to that of an Irish Cream, but has a more complex flavor profile. The bourbon base creates that rich feel with sweet vanilla and salty caramel tasting notes.

The drink possibilities with this liqueur are endless. Stay classic with a Black Button Russian, or step outside of the box with a 585 or Maple Bacon Delight. Our Bespoke Bourbon Cream is a great starter to the day in a cup of coffee and a perfect nightcap in a root beer float for dessert. -Distiller's Notes

1 ½ oz Bourbon Cream
½ oz Citrus Forward Gin
2 oz Cold Brew Coffee
2 dashes each Chocolate & Orange Bitters
Shake with ice & pour
Top with bitters