Bulleit Rye Whiskey

In the 1830s, as a tavern keeper in Louisville, Kentucky, Augustus Bulleit set himself on a mission: to create a Bourbon unique in flavor. Just as Bourbon lovers today may sample many brands before finding their favorite, Augustus decided to experiment, too — by creating Bourbons of many different types and tastes. After countless small-batch trials, he came upon a Bourbon with the character he had been seeking. While transporting barrels of his Bourbon from Kentucky to New Orleans, Augustus Bulleit vanished. What happened to him is still unknown, and his creation could have vanished as well. But after more than a century, in 1987, his great-great-grandson Tom Bulleit stepped in. A lawyer by profession, Tom's lifelong dream had been to revive the family’s Bourbon legacy that started more than 150 years ago.

On the nose, Bulleit Rye offers inviting aromas of cherry, tobacco and spice, which lead to a smooth, balanced palate entry. Soft fruit notes appear first, but soon give way to sweet and spicy flavors of maple, vanilla, oak, and toffee, which contrast with touches of cinnamon and black pepper. Notes of caramel and dried fruit linger through the medium dry finish.