Domaine des Rouges-Queues Maranges 2016, Burgundy, France

Maranges, Burgundy, France

Pinot Noir

Maranges is one of the lesser known appellations in Burgundy. It has a reputation for its reds with robust tannins and good acidity and for its picturesque scenery. However, Isabelle and Jean-Yves Vantey have been making reds that are a bit more delicate and full of aromatic elegance with nice body and depth. This wine boasts a brilliant bouquet of blackcurrant buds, spiced red fruits and floral aromatics. On the tongue, flavors of forest raspberries, black cherry, earth and spice unfold marked by fresh acidity and subtle tannins. This charming Pinot Noir will be an exquisite addition on your Thanksgiving table.


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