Folk Machine 'Jeanne d'Arc' 2019, Central Coast, California

Central Coast, California

94% Chenin Blanc and 6% Marsanne.

The Jeanne D’Arc has always been a confessed project. We like Orange wines and want to make them and drink them and encourage our customers to do the same. They are funky and hard to swing people around to (though getting easier and more accepted in recent days/years), but we feel strongly that they have their place and offer a complexity that is hard to match. The skins bring in a savoriness and pseudo minerality as well as a texture and mouthfeel that is unique, but also fun and food friendly. The lack of SO2 during aging lets the wine work itself out naturally, usually oxidizing a bit, but ultimately reaching a balance of acid and phenolic composition that suits itself. -Winemaker's Notes

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