Graves XXX Grain Alcohol - 95% alcohol

The perfect replacement for Everclear and other grain alcohol at a MUCH better price.

Here is the easy recipe for home-made hand sanitizer:

Based on the ratio recommended by the CDC:

—0.67 cups (161 milliliter) of GRAVES GRAIN ALCOHOL
—0.33 cups (79 ml) of emollient (Aloe Vera or Glycerin)
—Essential oils for aroma (optional)

—Stir together until fully mixed

The alcohol in hand sanitizers lends those products their microbe-busting power, and the CDC recommends that sanitizers contain 60%to 50% alcohol in order to eradicate germs. Sanitizers work best on clean hands and may be less effective when hands are greasy or visibly dirty, according to the CDC. "We know it works — just make sure it has enough alcohol in it." Dr. Stephen Morse, a professor of epidemiology at Columbia University in New York, told CBS News.

95% alcohol - 190 proof

Limit One Bottle Per Customer