Ketel One Vodka

Ketel One is a popular phenomenon centuries in the making. The super-premium brand can trace its origin to 1691, when the Nolet family built a distillery in Schiedam, Holland. For 10 generations, the family has been distilling the finest handcrafted spirits using the techniques and recipes perfected by Joannes Nolet and his successors.

Ketel One Vodka is made according to strict quality standards. It is distilled in small batches entirely from select wheat. The final distillation occurs in centuries old, alembic copper pot stills. After distillation, the vodka is rested in tile-lined tanks to allow the spirit to become fully integrated. 

The famous brand drinks like a handcrafted vodka. Ketel One Vodka has pristine clarity and a gloriously round, flawlessly textured body. The vodka's subtle yet pleasing bouquet is laced with the aromas of citrus and toasted grain. The pleasure continues as the vodka fills the mouth with layers of sweet and spicy flavors that last long into the elegant finish.