La Clarine Farm 'Funky Drummer' 2017, Sierra Foothills, California

Sierra Foothills, California

67% Syrah, 29% Grenache & 6% Counoise

A classic blend with a twist: Syrah, Grenche and Counois co-mingling to produce a whole greater than its parts. This wine just grooves. The Syrah and Grenache offer up a comfortable and familiar vibe. The Syrah (69% of the blend) provides the structure, as would the bass drum, and the Grenache (29%) is all high-toned high-hat goodness. But the Counouse, at only 6%, is the kicker, the “ghost notes”, if you will. Flitting in and out of the flavor profile to add a little acid sparkle, or a little herbal kick. It's magic. -Winemaker's Notes