La Clarine Farm 'Piedi Grandi' 2016, Sierra Foothills, California

Sierra Foothills, California

38% Nebbiolo, 32% Syrah & 30% Mourvèdre

La Clarine Farm are a wonderful winemaking team making the most unaltered wines they possibly can. Taking a page from Masanobu Fukuoka's book "One Straw Revolution" La Clarine Farm practices "Do nothing farming" meaning, nothing is ever added to the wine which would alter its chemistry, speed up fermentation or flavor. The wine is simply allowed to be what it is at its own pace. They never spray the vines and allow native ground cover (weeds) to replenish the soil. "Piedi Grandi" has a luscious bouquet of dried rose petal, clove and slight tar bouncing into flavors of anise, black cherry and plum. Pair this bottle alongside lamb gyros, chicken Parmesan or tandoori tofu.  

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