Matsui Sakura Cask Single Malt Japanese Whisky

Founded in 1910 as a producer of sake and shochu, Matsui and its Kurayoshi Distillery are located in Tottori Prefecture, northwest of Kyoto and northeast of Hiroshima on the shore of the Sea of Japan. Matsui has proven itself to be masterful in blending and aging whisky with both its Kurayoshi and Tottori collections, and is now stepping confidently into the world of whisky distillation with it’s single malt collection entitled, ‘The Matsui.’

This Single Malt distilled at the Kurayoshi Distillery is matured in ex-bourbon barrels and then transferred to bourbon barrels that have had the heads swapped out for Sakura Oak for the last few months of maturation. Non-chill filtered at 48% ABV. A single malt whisky distilled in the rich, natural environment of Tottori and aged in cherry wood casks.  Combined with the malt aroma and bitter flavor of unblended whisky, a faint, sweet, crisp smell of cherry blossom spreads throughout the mouth.  This masterpiece, carefully crafted with heart and passion, is brought to proof with high-quality natural spring water from Mt. Daisen. -Importer's Notes