Monte Dall'Ora 'Vino Nato Disobbediente' 2019, Veneto, Italy - 1L

Veneto, Italy

Corvina & Molinara 

Crafted by husband and wife team, Alessandra and Carlo Venturini, who are known for their prestiged Amarones, the 'Disobbediente' is their everyday table wine. The Venturinis are firm adherents to biodynamic principles. They encourage the growth of biodiversity by planting herbs such as rosemary and lavender in the summer, whose fragrant blooms are attractive to bees; and sowing cereals in the winter, whose roots move and aerate the soil. This liter bottle of red has loads of bright fruit flavors and smooth tannins and is naturally-made with low alcohol. This is a chillable, crushable red and makes a great party wine.

(Organic & Biodynamic)