Southold Farm 'Basics of Life' 2017, Texas High Plains, Texas

Texas High Plains, Texas

55% Mourvèdre & 45% Dolcetto

We've talked about Tuesday night wines before. It may be the middle of the week and you may not be hitting the heights of culinary achievements in the kitchen for dinner, but damnit you worked hard today and those leftovers deserve more than cheap grocery store wine. This wine punches way above its pricing but in an effort to bring pleasure and joy, we wanted to give you something that didn't take too much thought to open, pour and drink. It's juicy, it's a bit spicy, it reminisces of Cru Beaujolais, but it is not Gamay, it's not oaky, it's not sweet and if we write much more it'll be missing the point. Just drink it already! -Winemaker's Notes

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