Tres Generaciones Plata Tequila

Produced in Jalisco at the Sauza distillery, La Perseverancia, the super-premium Tres Generaciones Plata owes much of its vibrancy and extraordinary character to how it's made. To create the lightest, most brilliant spirit possible, Sauza's maestro tequilero passes the silver tequila through a traditional pot still for a third distillation, after which it is bottled within 24 hours. Its inherent attributes are readily apparent and genuinely something special. 

Tres Generaciones Plata is a marvelous entree into the pleasures of silver tequila. It has brilliant clarity, a sleek, feather-weight body and a pronounced bouquet of citrus and spice aromas. The tequila glides over the palate without a trace of heat or harshness and then slowly builds in intensity, revealing layers of spicy, peppery flavor. The finish is lingering and flavorful. 

Tres Generaciones Plata is best appreciated in a snifter. However, that shouldn't imply the tequila isn't ready for some fun. It enjoys scores of applications behind the bar and is a fabulous choice for Margaritas served straight up in elegant cocktail glasses.