Vermouth Routin Original Rouge

An emblematic specialty of the Alps, Vermouth Routin was created in Chambéry, the most historic vermouth-producing region of France. Chambéry was once the capital of the historic principality of Savoie. Located in a mountain pass in the Alps, it sat directly along the spice routes. Traders coming from the far east regularly stopped in the town, leaving interesting spices, flowers, and bittering agents. In the 1800s, producers in the region began experimenting by macerating local Savoie wines with exotic ingredients from around the world, along with with local Alpine ingredients, most notably wormwood.

Vermouth Routin Rouge was the first recipe created by Philibert Routin and remains the hallmark of his legacy. It begins with a blend of 24 herbs and spices that are macerated for up to four weeks in Vin de Savoie, made from Jacquére grapes which are local to the region. Sauvignon Blanc is added to the infusion, and the resulting blend is then rested in wine barrels made with wood from the Tronçais Forest. After six months, to acheive the proper balance, the rested vermouth is blended with unaged vermouth in equal parts. The resulting flavor profile is spritely, exhibiting lean vanilla and dried fig with a burst of quinine.