Wild Arc Rosato Piquette 2019, New York - 375ml

Piquette has become quite a phenomenon recently, with several wineries bottling something similar,often using the name piquette on the label (with Todd’s blessing), but Todd should really be credited with bringing this style back. Originally, piquette was something wineries would serve to their harvest workers. Something pleasant they could drink that wasn’t so high in alcohol they wouldn’t be able to work hard in the vines. The basic concept is to use the cast-offs from winemaking, including the leftover must, stems and seeds included. The must is soaked in water and ferments to a low alcohol fizzy beverage thanks to the addition of something sweet (local honey in Todd’s case).

Todd canned up some piquette also. The base wine is a blend of mostly Noiret and Cayuga, but also contains some Riesling, Chardonnay, and Teroldego. -Importer's Notes

375ml - Can