Tepozán Blanco Tequila

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A traditional symbol of goodwill and prosperity, the tepozán tree provides a safe haven to butterflies across Central Mexico. After more than 25 years spent carefully farming his own estate agave, maestro tequilero Carlos Padilla built and named his fabrica (distillery) Tepozán, after this delicate marriage of flora and fauna, determined to make a tequila of impeccable integrity and quality that walked a similar balancing act of its own.

Tepozán Tequila uses single-estate agave, grown with organic methods. Don Carlos’s agave is harvested by hand, cooked and milled for two days, and then fermented using wild, ambient local yeasts and well water from a deep volcanic spring located a quarter mile beneath the estate. Certified by Tequila Matchmaker as 100% Additive Free, the resulting “low intervention” tequila is at once quite modern in approach and deeply traditional in method.

Tepozán Blanco has rich aromas of citrus peel, honeysuckle, jalapeño, cinnamon, and sea spray, followed by a palate full of white pepper, cilantro, and galangal, with a rolling finish full of baking spices that add marzipan and star anise to the persistent notes of pepper and cinnamon. -Importer's Notes