Boukman Botanical Rum



It all began in 1791 at a secret ceremony, where Dutty Boukman swore an oath to liberty, sealed it with rum and sparked the revolution that freed Haïti. Two centuries later, Boukman honors Haïti’s rich tradition of clairin trempè – handcrafted spiced ‘rhum’.

Haiti has over 500 artisan distilleries, more than ten times the number in the rest of the Caribbean. Many are small scale, using animals to drive their sugar cane mills, while larger distilleries use steam engines fueled with bagasse, the dry pressed cane stalks. All rum in Haiti is made the costly and time-consuming agricole way, which means directly from fresh sugar cane juice, never from molasses (which accounts for the other 98% of the world’s rum). Like grapes for wine, the sugar cane is harvested close to the distillery and pressed to obtain fresh juice, which must be quickly fermented in order to preserve its dry grassy aromas.

Boukman Botanical Rhum is derived from two of Haiti’s best rhum terroirs, the rich canefields of Croix des Bouquets in the south and the northern cane fields around Cap Haïtien, scene of Dutty Boukman’s rebellion. We use only the best rhum agricole, distilled from the fresh juice of sugar cane,  and infuse it with botanicals and barks, many of them native to Haïti and foraged in the wild.  The result is a dry, intense, and complex spirit with an elegant finish. -Distiller's Notes