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Michel Couvreur 'The Unique' Whisky



Michel Couvreur Whiskies began with a Belgium man making Scotch Whisky in the heart of Burgundy. He takes blended malt whiskey from Scotland brings it to France where it enters oak (typically ex-Sherry casks), and undergoes maturation in an underground cellar. The Unique is something pretty rare as it combines malted and unmalted cereals in order to produce a rounded flavor that’s one of a kind aged for an average of 4 years. This Unique is an exception in the Michel Couvreur range because it’s not aged in Sherry casks. It is aged in casks previously already used for the Overaged or other Couvreuer’s top range products. 

Golden color at sight. Iodine flavors with a touch of almond and vanilla sweetness. Delicate and subtle, it reminds the white fruit. Nervous on the palate, it appears round after the taste. Finishes more floral than what expected after the first sip. It should be served chilled.